Gunclub Labradors

A Word About Gunclub Labradors


Gunclub Labradors is located at:
46988 Weld County Road 42.5
Orchard, Colorado, 80649
(970) 645-2654

Paul and Julie Knutson have trained retrievers and run Field Trials, Hunt Tests, American Pointing Labrador tests and regional hunting competitions competitively for over 20 years. They have titled Field Champions, Master Hunters, Grand Master Pointing Retrievers and National Champions in upland field competitions. While continuing to develop and enhance their own training methods, they have developed systems for enabling handlers to train their own dogs successfully, to compete well, or hunt well.

The Training kennels in Orchard are located within the “Golden Triangle”, along the South Platte River, one of the most well known waterfowl areas in the Rocky Mountain region. There are 2800 acres of training grounds, including prime duck hunting leases and 800 acres of superb upland hunting grounds. 

Days start early and end late, but Gunclub Labs is dedicated to bringing the most out of any animal. Dog health and well being is strongly emphasized in addition to the development of training skills. The facilities have been designed with that in mind. Dogs are housed indoors in single dog runs with outdoor exercise pens. There is almost an obsessive approach to sanitation and cleanliness for the dogs, their equipment and their housing. All kennels are disinfected on a daily basis and dogs are not left in kennels long enough to develop dirty habits.

A large number of birds are kept at the kennel, both ducks and upland birds, and are used exclusively in all training past the basics.

Owning and operating a dog training facility is not a job or a profession, it is a way of life. Not unlike Dairy Farmers, the care and training of the dogs is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week lifestyle. It is important for the owner of any animal sent away to be trained to feel assured that their dog is safe and in an environment in which their animal can thrive. Beyond that, the investment in having a dog trained is substantial. It is critical that owners feel that their investment is a wise one and one that will net them long term returns. It is with this business approach that Paul and Julie operate their training business.