Gunclub Labradors

There are several options for training.

Field Trial and advanced Hunt Test training goes 12 months a year.  From January to May, the dogs go to Texas so they can train land and water and be ready for the early spring trials.  Duck and Pheasant fliers are shot weekly so the dogs are accustomed to test conditions. The Texas winter trip incurs an additional fee to cover the travel and lease costs.  The fee is contingent on numbers of dogs and costs incurred for leases and expenses. Regular training costs include training, board, exercise and general care.  Additional costs will be birds, heartworm, flea and tick when appropriate.

Dogs that will be competing will incur a fee for professional handling and travel.

Hunt Test, Pointing Lab and Gundog training goes on 12 months a year in Colorado, and it can include extensive upland training, land work and river and slough water work if the ponds are too cold or frozen. There will be monthly duck fliers and for those with specific upland needs, weekly upland work, usually with chukar, occasionally quail or pheasant as availability allows.

Monthly base training fee beginning 2018 will be $800 per month.