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In the dog business, there are some very good people and enterprises. We do not put endorsements of these people here because we serving our own business interest. We actually use the products on a daily basis without being paid to do so. These are dog folks that to the best of our knowledge do business with great integrity and care for the animals. Because of the quality of our dealings with them, we encourage you to visit them. 

Professional Retriever Trainers Association


Rocky Mountain Pointing Labrador Club

Bearpoint Kennel, Dale and Brenda Merritt 

Gunclub disinfects kennels on a daily basis. We do not use bleach or other chemicals harmful to animals.  K-9 Products has a set of disinfectant products that will kill bacteria and viruses harmful to animals, 
including the AIDS virus, but are not harmful if contacted. The pH is neutral and the deodorant qualities are exceptional. We strongly recommend their kennel products.

The website for aficionados of pointing retrievers. It is the network through which pointing dog owners can connect and find the events and activities for their dogs.

The website for retriever owners interested in events, breeders, products, etc.‚Äč