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"Training the Pointing Labrador"

At long last we are in a position to take orders for the new “Training the Pointing Labrador”.  Order yours now to get one of the first copies of our great new book!

Training the Pointing Labrador takes you through the training process in the footsteps of Hank, a pointing Lab that often suffers many of the problems and training obstacles you may encounter with your dogs.  Hank begins as a puppy with some humorous but occasionally annoying habits, continuing through the adolescent stages, both rewarding and sometimes frustrating.  Hank matures as a dog until the training program begins to come together in the form of a satisfying and mutually respectful and loving relationship between a trainer and his or her dog. By the end, Hank is an equal and the relationship is one of unrivaled admiration and mutual effort.  There isn’t too much Hank can’t handle in the field or in competition.

Take this journey with Hank, and learn how to think about dog training and dogs in a manner never before presented.  Become adept at getting into your dogs head and way of thinking, and use that as your means to communicate effectively.  There has never been a book actually teaching you how to teach any dog, and how to utilize more than just one way to achieve a training goal.  Julie Knutson as created an exhaustive and thorough approach to dogs and training, which can be accomplished by anyone willing to slow down and become aware of their animal. You and your dog can take this journey with Hank, and enjoy every moment of it! 

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